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Closing Advice

Closing Advice

Buying Criteria


  • Depending on when lawyers have confirmed that the transaction has been may not obtain the keys until later that afternoon to early evening. If there are any deficiencies or chattels/fixtures (within 24-48 hours) missing as per your agreement...please notify your Lawyer ASAP.

    It’s natural for you to be excited to purchase items for your new home, but my advice would be to  best wait until after the transaction has closed before running out to retail stores. If you make any major purchases on your credit card before the closing of the sale, you may run the risk of losing the deal once the lender completes the last credit check. This is very I have seen deals go south....please inform your mortgage broker or lender with any changes.

  • Bottom line...never assume...stay in close contact with your lawyer, mortgage broker...and me....your Realtor

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