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People come first!

If you’re like me, value for your money and a sense of community are paramount when considering a property. Whether it be a comfortable house in one of Toronto’s many great neighborhoods, a condo or a unique converted loft space that suits a downtown lifestyle, Toronto has become such a wonderful place to live.

The world, in many ways, has become a lot smaller as the ability to connect over the web allows instant gratification, for better or worse. For the same reason, the world seems bigger than ever, and can be overwhelming because of seemingly endless choices and opinions about them that can create indecision, confusion, and frustration.

If we as people are to live in harmony, we all must respect one another with tolerance, freedom of speech, and most of all, compassion – the basic and best elements of being human.

If you were to ask people to identify the key to a better life, most would point to a good job, finding their soul mate, possibly settling down and having kids, but most of all…having a place they can call “Home”, but finding it can be difficult.

The most important value my parents instilled in me, was to “put people first!…and everything else will follow”. I have believed this my whole life and try to convey this philosophy to my friends, family, and clients. Making them happy is goal number ONE! Treating people with dignity, kindness, compassion and respect seems to have fallen behind the almighty buck in importance, but I refuse to compromise or change my priorities in this way.

The human element will always come first for me whether you are my friend or my client, whether I’m your relative or your Realtor, everything I do is based on my belief that people come first. By combining this with proven experience, creativity, old-fashioned personal service, integrity and honest guidance I think I have a different approach to helping you buy or sell property. I’d like to help you find what you’re looking for and I believe it can and should be a wonderful and life enhancing experience.

Remember, I am only a phone call or email away to answer any of your questions and to help you start planning for any of your real estate needs. Feel free to contact me at 416 275-5980 or email me at you can also visit my website at

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